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Thanks for visiting our Donations Page, where your support becomes the catalyst for preserving and sharing the world's cultural heritage

We depend on your generosity and support to continue our mission. While we are committed to offering virtual experiences for historic and religious locations at no cost to them, the infrastructure behind 3DMuseum.co involves significant expenses. Your donations and support are crucial in covering equipment costs, server maintenance, software development, and travel fees required to bring these captivating experiences to life.

By contributing, you become an integral part of our effort to unlock the treasures of the world and make them accessible to everyone. Your support fuels our passion for cultural preservation and ensures that we can continue to share the wonders of history, art, and culture with a global audience. Together, we can make this digital journey possible, inspiring a future where heritage knows no boundaries.

Individual $75

For those who appreciate the value of individual contributions, your support makes a meaningful impact. Your generosity fuels our work in making history, art, and cultural heritage accessible to the world.

Every donation, no matter the size, is a step closer to unlocking the past and inspiring the future.

Supporter $250

Our Supporter category is for those who wish to stand beside us on our journey. By becoming a Supporter, you play a crucial role in advancing our mission.

Your contributions help us expand our offerings, create new virtual tours, and reach a broader audience with the wonders of the world.

Patron $400

For our esteemed Patrons, your commitment to preserving cultural treasures is a testament to your dedication to the cause.

By becoming a Patron, you support the development of innovative technologies and in-depth educational resources, ensuring that our cultural exploration remains at the forefront of technological advancements.

Fellow $800

Our highest level of giving, Fellow Donations represent a profound commitment to the mission of 3DMuseum.co. As a Fellow, you not only support our ongoing work but also receive exclusive benefits:

including early access to new tours, behind-the-scenes insights, and a sense of pride in knowing that you are playing a leading role in the transformation of how we experience the treasures of the world.

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