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Bayon King Jayavarman VII |

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Together, we're writing a new chapter in the way we connect with our world's heritage. By blending cutting-edge technology, a passion for history, and the power of art, we're breaking down barriers and bringing the treasures of our past into the digital present.

Our commitment is to ensure that no matter where you are, you can embark on a journey of knowledge, wonder, and appreciation. With, history comes alive, art takes on new dimensions, and the world’s cultural diversity is celebrated.

Join us on this extraordinary voyage as we transcend borders and time, nurturing a deeper understanding of our collective human story. Together, we’re shaping a future where culture knows no boundaries, and heritage is cherished by all.

Discover. Learn. Share. Welcome to – Where the Past Inspires the Future, and the World’s Treasures Await Your Exploration.”

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Discover our very young history. While we're creating a new way to experience true history.

Foundation and Inception

The Archive

In 2023, was founded with a vision to revolutionize the way people engage with cultural heritage, history, and art. The idea of creating immersive 3D experiences for museums, temples, and historical places was born, setting the stage for a new era in digital exploration.

First Projects and Initiatives

The year 2023 marked the launch of the first projects by Using state-of-the-art technology, including Matterport and drone-based 3D photogrammetry, the team embarked on capturing the digital essence of temples in Thailand, such as Wat Chalong in Phuket. These initial projects laid the foundation for what was to come, as they showcased the potential for bringing cultural and historical sites to life in the digital realm.

Funding and Expansion

In the same year, secured its first funding, enabling the team to expand and accelerate its mission. This financial support helped fuel the development of innovative software and technologies to enhance the virtual experiences provided by The platform's potential to make cultural heritage accessible to a global audience became increasingly evident, and this funding was a critical milestone in achieving that goal.

Already been amazed what the head company 360INT created, but with 3DMuseum they pushed boundaries!

Cedric N.
Visitor hopefully will change the interest of Gen Z. from just only Social Media to Culture & History

Annette I.

It's a fantastic educational tool for schools and a must-visit platform for anyone passionate about history and art. will truly bridge the gap between the past and the present. Would be glad if you would scan some historical buildings in Germany too, I see a huge potential.

Tobias R.
Tobi R. Testimonial
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